SHOOWA was founded with the goal to promote the sustainability of ancestral Congolese handcraft. The tribes produce the fabrics according to the aspirations of the western world: conscientious, slow, ethical. 

The textiles are handcrafted in the former Kuba Kingdom. SHOOWA creates fashion and decor objects out of them in styles that preserve the art form while giving it a function.

The essence of the design philosophy is to be considerate to the producer, the consumer, and the material. Each accessory is a unique creative expression of the artist and tells a different story through detail, color, and shape. The finished high-quality goods are the opposite of a mass product: Unrepeatable. 


My journey with discovering the SHOOWA started in front of a screen and ended in the savanna of Congo. 

Born in Germany, I was connected to my Congolese heritage through my family and visits there as a teenager. I grew up with two cultures and believe that art is a powerful way to connect, bring joy, and learn about each other. I felt – SHOOWA is a rare opportunity to honor the Congolese handcraft. 

Malaika Banza Elza Paulini


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Did you know that the region where the cloth is crafted was isolated from influences outside of Africa for three centuries?